Baking Equipment to Buy

When starting out in baking you really only need the basics but as you progress you will learn what you need and what products make your baking better. The basics are mixing bowls, baking trays and mats, and measuring devices. Here’s a list of all the baking equipment I would recommend.

Dualit 89300 Hand Mixer

Kenwood HMP30.A0SI Hand Mixer

It is light but powerful and delivers perfect results when folding, mixing and whisking food ingredients.

Dualit 89300 Hand Mixer

Dualit 89300 Hand Mixer

The Dualit hand mixer weighs just 1.3kg but packs a powerful 400 watts with 4 speeds.

Breville VFM021 HeatSoft Hand Mixer

Breville VFM021 HeatSoft Hand Mixer

HeatSoft technology gently heats butter to room temperature whilst mixing, softening butter as you mix. 


Bosch MFQ3010 Hand Mixer

Weighing in at just 649g and moulded in white, this is a very quiet but extremely powerful hand food mixer.

Bosch MFQ36400 Hand Mixer

Bosch MFQ36400 Hand Mixer

The Bosch MFQ36400 hand food mixer is extremely lightweight, just 848g, and has a modern design for more comfort when in use.

20cm Springform Cake Tin

Jamie Oliver Cookie Cutter Set

Offset Icing Spatula Set

7 Piece Stackable Bakeware Set

Paul Hollywood 6 Loose Bottom Baking Tin

Professional Heat Resistant Silicon Spatula Set

Reusable Cotton Piping Bags (3 set)

Professional Chef Rings (set of 4)

Macaron & Cookie Silicon Template Mats

50cm Non Stick Silicon Rolling Pin

18 Piece Powder Shaker

Whipped Cream Dispenser

Stainless Steel Stacking Mixing Bowls

Premium Reusable Meal Containers (10 pack)

25x39x5cm Professional Tray Bake Tin