Easy Recipes to bake at Home

A collection of honest, simple bakes and cake recipes to get you motivated and ready to learn to bake at home for family and friends.

chocolate chip cookie recipe

Cookie Recipe

Easy Chocolate Chip & Almond Cookie Recipe This is a very basic but “grown-up” version of a chocolate chip cookie recipe. It has quality chunky

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Easy meringue nests

Easy Meringues

How to Make Easy Meringues for a Quick Dessert VIDEO: There are several methods to baking meringues but this easy meringues recipe gives great results.

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Basic cheesecake recipe header

Basic Cheesecake Recipe

A Silky Smooth Cheesecake Recipe That Just Melts in Your Mouth VIDEO: Cheesecake aficionados will be taking to the streets and protesting about this cheesecake

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