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Mary Berry's chocolate brownies recipe

Chocolate brownies recipe

A Chocolate Brownies Recipe That Packs a Chocolate Punch! This chocolate brownies recipe is from Mary Berry’s new book called Classic. In my recipe I have replaced the muscovado sugar with light brown sugar and added a touch of honey, only because I didn’t have it in the cupboard! Muscovado […]

Easy meringue nests

Easy Meringues

How to Make Easy Meringues for a Quick Dessert VIDEO: There are several methods to baking meringues but this easy meringues recipe gives great results. The key is to whip every stage correctly. I learned this from making sooooo many mistakes. My meringues would turn out too soft, too hard, […]

Passion fruit curd on meringue nest

Passion Fruit Curd Recipe

VIDEO – A Tangy Passion Fruit Curd Recipe With Meringue Nests This passion fruit curd is a fantastically tangy and devilish addition to a meringue nest. It will give you a burst of fruity zing that compliments the sweet crunchy meringue, perfect for any occasion and really easy to make. […]

How to bake a cheesecake

How To Bake A Cheesecake

This Step-by-Step Video Shows How To Bake A Cheesecake. It is a simple process to learn how to bake a cheesecake and this short video explains in a step-by-step way. For all the ingredients check out our basic cheesecake recipe here. I am often asked how to bake a cheesecake […]