Simple Cake Recipes & Desserts To Get You Excited About Baking!

  • luxury flapjacks recipe tray bake

Flapjacks Recipe

Luxury Flapjacks With Cranberries, Pecan Nuts, Oats & Chocolate This flapjacks recipe is a version of one found in this superb book by Masterchef UK [...]

  • shortbread biscuit recipe

Buttery Shortbread Biscuit

Video: Soft, Buttery & Melt-in-the-Mouth Shortbread Biscuit Recipe With a scattering of Demerara Sugar, these shortbread biscuit rounds move to another level in taste. I [...]

  • 4 treacle tarts recipe for sharing

Treacle Tarts Recipe

 4 Individual Treacle Tarts Recipe To Share A great British classic, treacle tarts are the perfect winter warmer when served with proper vanilla ice cream [...]

  • Chocolate shortbread biscuit cut into triangles

Chocolate Shortbread Recipe

How To Bake A Rich Chocolate Shortbread Biscuit I love this chocolate shortbread but you have to be careful when baking it. Bake it too [...]

  • Lemon-drizzle-cake-recipe

Lemon Drizzle Cake

A Moist Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe This beautifully moist lemon drizzle cake is so easy to make. It uses the all-in-one method, meaning all the [...]

  • rice pudding recipe in a slow cooker

Rice Pudding Recipe

Rice Pudding Recipe: How to Make it in a Slow Cooker Ahhhh, this rice pudding recipe takes me back to my childhood. Now though, it [...]

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Learn to Bake With These Simple Cake Recipes

My mission here is to help you bake simple cakes and mouth watering desserts for everyday use. These are easy bake recipes for beginners and the more experienced baker and are not just for special occasions, but because you feel like having your cake and eating it! As far as I am concerned every day should be coffee and cake day! Why not? Oh, and sharing is also a good option!