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Chocolate shortbread biscuit cut into triangles

Chocolate Shortbread Recipe

How To Bake A Rich Chocolate Shortbread Biscuit I love this chocolate shortbread but you have to be careful when baking it. Bake it too long and the cocoa powder will burn and turn the chocolate shortbread into a bitter tasting unpleasant mouthful. Not what you want! When I first […]


Lemon Drizzle Cake

  A Moist Lemon Drizzle Cake Recipe This beautifully moist lemon drizzle cake is so easy to make. It uses the all-in-one method, meaning all the ingredients are simple tipped into a bowl and mixed together in one go. It really is that simple. What’s The Size of Your Lemons? […]

rice pudding recipe in a slow cooker

Rice Pudding Recipe

Rice Pudding Recipe: How to Make it in a Slow Cooker Ahhhh, this rice pudding recipe takes me back to my childhood. Now though, it is a great addition to my “must try more” desserts. A bit l like cheesecake – you can never have enough of it! Complimented with […]

how to make pancakes with video tuition

How to Make Pancakes

How to Make Pancakes Perfectly – 2 Secrets When you are learning how to make pancakes there are two secrets to remember. One is not to make them too eggy and two is not to use oil when frying your pancakes. Simple! They are also great to freeze once cooked […]