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Victoria sponge cake

Butter Icing Recipe

How to Make Butter Icing to use as a Cake Filling Butter icing is the perfect accompaniment for your Victoria sponge cake recipe. Spreading one half of the sponge with raspberry jam and the other with butter icing will make your cake taste even more sweet and delicious. Baking Tips Now […]

Victoria sponge cake

Victoria Sponge Cake Recipe

Video: How To Make A Moist Victoria Sponge Cake Along with cheesecake, this Victoria sponge cake is still one of my favourite bakes – once you have mastered it. I find the beauty of baking a classic sponge cake recipe is that it can always be adapted and decorated in […]

luxury flapjacks recipe tray bake

Flapjacks Recipe

  Luxury Flapjacks With Cranberries, Pecan Nuts, Oats & Chocolate This flapjacks recipe is a version of one found in this superb book by Masterchef UK winner 2009, Mat Follas. The book is called and contains all the classic recipes that you would expect to find in a stylish coffee […]

shortbread biscuit recipe

Buttery Shortbread Biscuit

Video: Soft, Buttery & Melt-in-the-Mouth Shortbread Biscuit Recipe With a scattering of Demerara Sugar, these shortbread biscuit rounds move to another level in taste. I love any shortbread biscuit. Especially when they are small and can be enjoyed with a cup of tea between meals. Afternoon tea recipes may sound old […]

4 treacle tarts recipe for sharing

Treacle Tarts Recipe

 4 Individual Treacle Tarts Recipe To Share A great British classic, treacle tarts are the perfect winter warmer when served with proper vanilla ice cream and a light dusting of icing sugar. This recipe makes 4 individual treacle tarts so you can eat 2 today and leave the other 2 […]

Chocolate shortbread biscuit cut into triangles

Chocolate Shortbread Recipe

How To Bake A Rich Chocolate Shortbread Biscuit I love this chocolate shortbread but you have to be careful when baking it. Bake it too long and the cocoa powder will burn and turn the chocolate shortbread into a bitter tasting unpleasant mouthful. Not what you want! When I first […]