How to Make a Zingy Lemon Meringue Pie

This is a beautifully tasty and zingy lemon meringue pie recipe that is perfect for sharing with family and friends at a dinner party or Sunday lunch.

It used to be one of my Mum’s favourite Sunday dinner desserts and I can still remember the smell of the lemon meringue pie baking in the oven.


  • 150g shortcrust pastry
  • zest and juice of 3 lemons
  • 4 eggs separated
  • 300g caster sugar
  • 80g unsalted butter

Jamie Oliver’s lemon meringue pie is another superb example of the recipe and focuses on the lemon filling as I do. Once you get this right, you’ll never look back.

Another family favourite dessert is the basic cheesecake. You may want to check this out for next week.

The meringue is simple to make as is the shortcrust pastry.

Adding a home-made lemon curd makes it complete, but you can always experiment and create a different flavoured curd, such as passion fruit or grapefruit.

Making Italian meringue gives you more stability for piping, but I have found this basic version works just as well providing you pipe or spread it straight away.

What Size Tin Do You Need?

If you do not have a 20cm fluted flan tin try using my recipe converter to help you resize all the ingredients to suit your baking equipment.

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To Make The Lemon Meringue Pie:

Pre heat the oven to 190 degrees centigrade and grease a 20cm fluted flan tin with a removable base


  1. Roll out the pastry big enough to cover the flan tin. Do not over work the rolling out of the pastry
  2. Press the pastry into the edges of the flan tin and trim off any excess over the edges. Prick the base with a fork.
  3. Place a circle of parchment paper into the tin, fill with baking beads and cook in the oven for approximately 12 minutes
  4. Make your lemon curd by melting the butter in a pan along with 100g of sugar
  5. Place the zest and juice of the lemons into the pan and stir
  6. Once the sugar has dissolved add 4 egg yolks and stir constantly until the mixture thickens – approximately 10 minutes
  7. Leave to cool. Take out the baked flan case, remove the beads and also leave to cool.
  8. Make the meringues by whisking 4 egg whites in a clean bowl or food mixer until stiff
  9. Gradually add 200g of sugar and keep whisking until you have a silky white meringue
  10. Spread the flan case with the lemon curd
  11. Either pipe or spread the meringue over the top of the lemon curd. Make sure you create peaks and troughs
  12. Place under a hot grill or use a chefs blow-torch to lightly brown off the top of the meringue.


This is a lovely homely dish to bake and is all about creating the different elements of the pie and finally bringing them together. The shortcrust pastry can be made beforehand and left overs can be frozen or used on other dishes. It is the same for the curd, simply make it the day before and store in the fridge until needed.

If you prefer a more crispy baked lemon meringue pie then Jamie Oliver has a great recipe also. Another version is to mix the fruit as in this individual portioned blackberry and lemon meringue recipe.