The Kenwood MultiPro Food Processor Review (2020)

In this review of the Kenwood MultiPro food processor, I discover a modern, robust and professional piece of kitchen equipment you’ll be proud to own for many years.

It is a sturdy machine and extremely well priced.

In my opinion, a food processor will make your baking and cooking so much more enjoyable, easy and creative. The MultiPro’s base unit stays anchored to your work top with suction feet whilst you mix, blend, chop, slice and whisk. The thermo glass blender jug is heat crack resistant, easy to clean and makes soups and milk shakes a breeze.

Not only does the Kenwood MultiPro food processor chop and slice vegetables it can also mix bread and cake ingredients, and whisk eggs too. This really is a solidly constructed classic food processor that will take up less worktop space than other makes.

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  • Solid Thermo glass 1.5 litre jub & 3 litre bowl
  • Whisking, slicing, chopping, shredding, beating
  • Well built die cast metal base
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  • Cupboard space for accessories
  • Slightly noisy on tough ingredients

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The Kenwood MultiPro Features:

A powerful 1000w motor gives you the power to blend, slice and mix with all the various attachments that are included in this food processor package. The compact and versatile Dual Drive system means you can use the durable die cast all metal base unit as either a blender or food processor depending on the attachments you connect, so you no longer have to have two separate machines clogging up your kitchen work space.

With 8 variable speed settings and pulse action you can adapt your machines mixing and slicing with precision depending on the ingredients you are using.

The ultra tough glass blender can blend hot and frozen ingredients. Obviously, when mixing frozen or tough ingredients it will make the food processor noisier and it may need holding down, but you’ll find that even with the most expensive food processors. Most of the time the rubber suction feet keep your food processor attached to your work surface and stop it dancing across the kitchen as it grates, blends, chops and slices, but a helping hand is sometimes called for.

ergonomically designed bowls, stylish bodies and solid interior mechanics that will keep going for years. A true investment for your kitchen”

Benefits of the MultiPro food processor

What Comes With The Kenwood MultiPro Food Mixer?

Among the attachments with the Kenwood food processor is a standard bowl, a mini bowl, glass jug blender, serrated edge bladed slicer, 2 graters, dough tool and a metal whisk.

What is the mini processor bowl used for?

To prepare smaller quantities of food, simply fit the mini bowl inside the larger bowl. When finished you only have to wash the smaller bowl. A space and time saving piece of engineering. Although you can get away with not using this, it will simply mean scrapping down the sides of the larger bowl more during the mixing process.

Does the food processor chip potatoes?

The two slicing and grating discs can be used to grate cheese and vegetables. There is also a fine julienne disc used to cut potatoes into straws and coarse grating for rosti stir fries. You can, if you wish, buy an optional attachment that will allow you to thin cut potatoes for french fries.

With vegetables, it grates, slices and processes any you may wish to introduce to it. You can also finely chop mince meat – so your home-made burgers will be easier to digest and taste even better.

Recipe ideas for your processor

The Kenwood MultiPro food processor will get your creative juices flowing and you’ll soon be experimenting and trying new recipes. I have even tried wonderfully simple things like making peanut butter by just blitzing peanuts and adding a little rock salt. It tastes so much better than the shop bought stuff. Same goes with butter – just whisk up some left-over cream until it separates, then  keep whisking till it becomes solid. Drain off any excess liquid and put in the fridge to solidify a little more. There you have it – butter!

Making ingredients finer is also the perfect reason to have a food processor. For example, mixing ground almonds with icing sugar and blitzing, creates a finer almond dust to use in macarons. Ground almonds finely chopped also taste wonderful in almond shortbread.

In no time you’ll be smooth blending hot soup in the glass blender and evenly slicing potatoes for wonderfully creamy dauphinois potatoes.

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Included in the box:

  • 1 Kenwood MultiPro Food Processor (FDM781BA) with a 3 litre bowl
  • 1.5 litre thermo resist glass blender
  • 1 dual metal whisk
  • 1 mini bowl for insertion into the main bowl for smaller quantities
  • 1 dough tool
  • 1 serrated steel blade
  • 2 reversible slicing and grating disc (2mm and 4mm)
  • Plastic spatula

Kenwood Model Number: FDM781BA