The Kenwood kMix Stand Mixer (An In-depth Review)

The Kenwood kMix range of stand food mixers has been designed to look modern and cool whilst still maintaining that air of sophisticated tradition that makes up the Kenwood baking range.

My food mixer review is based on the Kenwood kMix All White Stand Mixer KMX750AW, but it gives a good all round review which can be associated with the entire kMix range. The collection comes in a variety of vibrant and modern colours with an accessible price bracket, especially when compared to other trendier brands.

The beauty about baking with a stand mixer like this means you can afford to have the patience when it comes to creaming and mixing doughs, creams and cake mixes. Just fill it with ingredients, set the speed and off it goes. No more aching wrists you would normally get from hand held whisks or a beater.

From a reliable and trustworthy brand comes a complete solution for your home baking.

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  • Timeless and Robust
  • Stainless Steel Bowl
  • Future Proof Accessories
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  • Heavy???

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The Kenwood kMix Food Mixer Features:

Smooth Speed Control

The stand mixer has a 6 speed smooth dial control with fold option. When you start the kMix there is a slight delay before the paddles start turning which is something to be aware of but does not create a problem. It’s purpose is to stop an explosion of ingredients billowing out of the top of the bowl.

Which, if you’re like me, happens all the time when mixing icing sugar!

On the very slow speed it is perfect for starting off the mixing of icing sugar or egg whites, without creating a cloud of dust all over the kitchen and the medium to fast speed are for cake mixes and bread doughs.

“A sturdy piece of kit that is extremely really well made”

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kMix Motor Size

The 1000W motor provides enough power for mixing heavy doughs and cake mixes.

Kenwood recommend a maximum weight of 1.35kg of dough which is more than enough for most home bakers. If you do go above the recommended amount the machine does struggle slightly but you still end up with a nicely mixed dough, you just have to hold onto the top of the machine to stop it rocking!

When the mixing head is lifted to remove the bowl or attachments, the machine automatically cuts out stopping the blades from turning thereby preventing cake mix to fly out all over you and the kitchen.

This is a nice touch as it doesn’t happen with all stand mixers.

It is a really useful safety feature that saves you time cleaning worktops and your machine!

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To lift the head when replacing attachments or scrapping down, there is a small level at the back of the head which makes lifting effortless as it is nicely counter balanced.

When using the specially designed kMix paddle to mix ingredients, it can sometimes leave unmixed residue on the sides of the bowl, meaning you would have to stop mixing and scrap down to get everything nicely mixed. That is not a problem and happens with most stand mixers. You can buy an extra attachment called the dough scrapper that has a rubber wing attached to the paddle enabling it to work against the sides of the bowl, scrapping as it turns.

Included In The kMix Stand Mixer Package

The following baking tools are included in your kMix box:

  • A non-stick coated aluminium stainless steel mixing bowl
  • The specially designed K-beater
  • The balloon whisk
  • A robust dough hook
  • A handy splash guard
  • Cable storage

The dishwasher safe 5 litre polished stainless steel bowl – better than glass as it is lighter to handle – comes with a handle which is really helpful when tipping and scrapping out your mixes. With the glass bowl there is plastic attachment to help secure it to the base unit but with the steel bowl it is an all-in-one unit making it a more solid and secure fitting.

The kMix stand mixer weighs nearly 11kg which makes it a perfectly solid feeling food mixer, stopping it travelling across your worktop when in full motion. The weight makes it a little too heavy to keep moving from cupboard to worktop but I would rather keep it on show anyway!