Exeter Cookery School Afternoon Tea Course (A Review)

I was recently bought the gift of an afternoon baking lesson with Head Chef Jim Fisher at the Exeter cookery school.

I think I know how to bake the basics, but when you attend these courses you get to learn so much more and mingle with like minded people.

Exeter cookery school is located on the very scenic Exeter quayside and is surrounded by artisan cafes and eateries. The historic rustic building has all the charm of a quayside factory, but when you enter your eyes are met with a very modern, relaxed and stylishly decorated kitchen and learning space.

Master Chef finalist and co-owner, Jim Fisher, greeted me with a big grin and a warm welcome, guiding me through to the waiting area for a coffee and chat.

Jim Fisher head chef at Exeter cookery school
Jim Fisher – Exeter Cookery School

There were only a few other baking enthusiasts on this particular course – The Classic Afternoon Tea – but that worked in our favour as we got to spend more time talking and discussing various baking techniques. There was also time to listen to a few stories of Jim’s past adventures in setting up his French Cooking School in the Dordogne, SW France.

This half-day course was very relaxed and the time just flew by.

We baked classic mini Victoria sponges with a light creme chantilly and jam filling, plus fruit filled scones all baked to perfection.

Afternoon tea scones baked on the course
Traditional Afternoon Tea Scones

Chefs Tip of The Day

Some examples of the “cheffy” tips he shared with us; when baking scones, turn them over before baking so you end up with an even and flatter top, and when using egg wash, only brush the tops and not the sides as this will stunt the rising during baking.

Being reminded of these little things is what cookery school lessons are all about.

All the ingredients and kitchen equipment you need is on hand and cleaned regularly by kitchen assistants as you go along.

So no washing up!!

Everything is included in the price and you walk away with all your bakes from the day. A neat presentation pack and certificate is given out before you leave and more often than not, you end up making new friends along the way.

Jim Fisher: Head Chef Tutor & Co-owner of Exeter Cookery School:

“Exeter has changed so much over the years since Lucy and I first met here 35 years ago, and we love the vibrant city that it has become. What has not changed, however, we are delighted to say, is our love of the classic  Afternoon Tea (Devon-style, of course). So it was only a matter of time before we launched our half day Afternoon Tea course at Exeter Cookery School. Quintessentially Devon, we love teaching locals and visitors to our shores all about the traditions and essential components that make a great afternoon tea. As well as revealing the secret to making perfect scones, with lashings of clotted cream and a generous dollop of strawberry jam on top, we also create delicious miniature Victoria Sponge cakes. At the end of the course you get to take away your creations to enjoy at your leisure, and what’s more, the skill to recreate them at home at will. Now, what could be better than that?”

Want To Experience A Cooking Lesson?

This really is an excellent gift idea for someone who has never baked before or an experienced cook who just wants to learn how to do things better.

Jim and his team also create corporate culinary experiences, helping you get your workmates together for amazing and fun team building exercises.