our macarons from the Ashburton Cookery School baking course

Ashburton Cookery School

Ashburton Cookery School Macaron Course (A 5* Review)! I was gifted a half day macaron course at Ashburton Cookery School as my birthday present and thought “Ok, this seems interesting, why not give it a go and see what I can learn”. Not thinking I could learn much more as […]

Map of the Great British Bake Off TV programmes

Great British Bake Off Map

The Great British Bake Off Map of the World TV Programmes I got it SOOOOOO wrong. The phenomenon that hit our TV screens back in August 2010 made me gasp… “Really! Are they really going to make a competition out of home bakers!!!???” “That’ll never last”. Well, how wrong I […]

best chocolate cake awards 2018 from simple bakes and cakes

Best Chocolate Cake Recipes

20 Moist Chocolate Cake Recipes You Have To Bake (Best From The Web) Congratulations to the following list of bakers and their blogs that made my Top 20 Chocolate Cake Awards. If you love chocolate cake recipes you’ll definitely want to check out these bakers and their inspirational blogs. These […]

how to scale recipes with this recipe converter

Recipe Converter

Easy Recipe Converter (4 Ways to Scale up Your Baking Recipes) Don’t waste money buying more baking tins. Just scale a recipe to fit your existing tin. Knowing how to double a recipe, like baked cheesecakes, will make your baking better. You can keep my recipe converter handy as a […]

Lemon cheesecake recipe and how to bake

35 Best Desserts Of All Time

The Trouble With Huffington Post’s “Best Dessert Recipes of All Time” Article I found this great article of The Huffington Post website called the 35 best desserts ever. Here are a couple of the best dessert recipes I agree with that I thought you would like to know about and […]