46 Best Baking Equipment for Home Bakers

Best Baking Accessories as Recommended by Top Chefs

Home baking is a blast…

And there are always gadgets out there to help you improve!

That’s why you should only use the absolute best home baking equipment possible.

In order to find the MUST have kitchen accessories, I interviewed full-time bakers and patisserie chefs and noted their responses.

(Since full-timers have had more time in their kitchens to discover the best products.)

So whether you bake cakes for fun or just once in a while, these kitchen gadgets, kitchen supplies, and baking accessories are sure to enhance your baking experience.

Must Have Home Baking Equipment: A Complete List

Since this is a large guide, here’s a clickable index to help you navigate:

Let’s get started…

My Top 5 Picks For The Kitchen

I personally use and love these five baking supplies:

Food Processor

  • Great value for money
  • Juicing attachment included
  • Multifunctional

Kitchen Weighing Scales

  • Slim design
  • Easy to clean
  • Accuracy at its best

Mixing Bowl

  • Large capacity
  • Integrated handle
  • Non-slip base

Fluted Tart Cases

  • Superb for individual sweet and savoury tarts
  • Removable bases for ease of use
  • 5 year guarantee

Re-Useable Baking Sheets

  • 3 Non-stick silicone baking mats
  • No need for sprays, cooking oil or parchment paper
  • Easy to clean and re-useable

General Baking Essentials:

Before we talk fancy baking equipment that make life easier, let’s quickly talk about the essentials – like a hard plastic dough scraper that is perfect for pulling ingredients together and scraping down bowls.

Dough Scraper

  • Essential bakers equipment
  • perfect for pulling ingredients together
  • Cheap
baker james norton
James Morton

Essential Baking Accessory Recommended By:

James Morton is a Scottish  celebrity baker, author and reality television contestant, who rose to fame when he became the runner up on the third series of The Great British Bake Off. His perfect simple kitchen utensil must have is a hard plastic dough scraper.

Measuring Cups & Spoons

  • Stackable various sized measuring spoons and cups
  • Versatile shape to scoop wet and dry ingredients
  • Hard-wearing, non-stick and machine washable

Re-Useable Piping Bags

  • 100% cotton with washable interior
  • Smooth lining means piping is easy
  • Compatible with most piping nozzles

Stand Food Mixer

  • 5 Litre bowl with graduations
  • Electronic speed control
  • Adjustable baking tools; K beater, whisk, dough tool

Hand Food Mixer

  • 300W & 5 speed settings
  • 2 dough hooks, 2 beaters and a balloon whisk
  • Light weight and easy to use

Emersion Hand Blender

  • 600W 16 speeds for all types of blending
  • 4 blades for rapid blending
  • Accessories include whisk, 800ml goblet and 500ml chopper
ask chef dennis photo
Dennis K Littley

Essential Baking Accessory Recommended By:

Chef Dennis writes about easy and delicious restaurant-style recipes & travel adventures. “My favourite Kitchen Gadget is my emersion blender. As with most of my tools I don’t use them enough. My Chefs knife is the only tool that sees use everyday”.

Silicone Pot Stand

  • Expandable for small and large pots
  • High quality heat resistant silicone
  • Dishwasher safe

Stackable Baking Tray Set

  • Non-stick carbon steel stacking trays
  • Ideal set for new bakers
  • Space saving storage

Bakers Tool Pouch

  • Created by Paul Hollywood
  • Includes dough cutter, pizza cutter, paring knife, scissors
  • Perfect gift for bakers
Paul Hollywood
Paul Hollywood

Professional Baker Paul Hollywood

Paul become head baker at some of the most exclusive hotels, including Cliveden, The Chester Grosvenor and The Dorchester, gaining a reputation as an innovator and one of the country’s finest artisan bakers. He began his media career on Carlton Food Network and Taste in 2002 where he co-presented two TV series with James Martin. Paul is now a judge on The Great British Bake Off.

Proofing Bowl

  • 20cm artisan bread proofing bowl
  • 100% natural rattan construction
  • Includes bread knife for sculpting and a scraper

Best Pasta Machine

  • Adjustable blades giving 10 thicknesses of pasta
  • Italian style and design
  • Rough roller surface creates porous pasta to absorb sauces

Stacking Mixing Bowls

  • 5 stackable stainless steel mixing bowls
  • Space saving and comes with lids
  • Refrigerator, freezer and dishwasher safe

Kitchen Blow Torch

  • Paul Hollywood design
  • Use to crisp crepe brûlée’s, skim tomatoes, brown meringues etc
  • Safety lock & removable stand, 5 year guarantee

Angled Icing Palette Knife Set

  • Set of 3 various sizes
  • Angled to help with frosting, smoothing and levelling
  • Flexible but sturdy blades
Farley Berry

Essential Baking Accessory Recommended By:

Farley Berry is a proud and inspiring cupcake artist and designer. She is fully aware of just how powerful creative cupcake therapy can be for everyone. As a baker and a cake decorator her main gadget to use is a miniature palette knife which helps her sculpt miniature sugar craft intricate designs.

Baking Recipes For You To Try At Home...

Cupcakes are the easiest baking recipe to learn and try as a family. I just love baking cupcakes and these chocolate and raspberry ones taste superb. Silky smooth chocolate ganache resting on a rich chocolate sponge. They may be a little over-indulgent but why not try them as they really do taste good and are so simple to bake.

Go on, give it a try!

2 Portable Baking Accessories for Small Kitchens

Portable or table-top accessories do have their place in making our kitchen essentials list. Why? Because if you have a small kitchen, these are space saving appliances that can easily be moved around and stored anywhere when not in use.

Table Top Cooking Hob

  • Table top design for ease of storage and space saving
  • 2 cast iron hob rings with adjustable temperatures
  • 2 handles and rubber feet for stability

Table Top Fridge

  • 2 moveable shelves to allow adjustable storage
  • Subcold temperature suitable for wine, beer and snacks
  • Low energy and low noise

4 From The Jamie Oliver Collection

Jamie Oliver

Professional Baker Jamie Oliver

Jamie Oliver MBE is a British chef and restaurateur. His approachable cuisine has seen him front numerous television shows and open many restaurants. He joined Antonio Carluccio’s Neal Street restaurant as a pastry chef. Like his food, his baking accessories are simple, high quality, useable and slightly rustic in design.

Spatula Set

  • 2 spatulas in rustic wood and silicone heads
  • Jamie Oliver design
  • Easy to wipe clean

Knife Block Set

  • 6 High quality stainless steel knives
  • 25 year guarantee
  • Each knife is labelled for ease of use

Wooden Spoon Set

  • Sanded to soft touch and splinter free
  • Small, medium and large wooden spoons
  • Easy to clean in warm soapy water

Cookie Cutter Set

  • Set of 5 stackable for easy storage in own tin
  • Ideal for scones, biscuits, icing and sugar craft decorations
  • Easy clean in warm soapy water

Back to our best baking accessories guide...

Infrared Temperature Gun

  • Perfect for baking, boiling sugar and chocolate etc
  • Precision measuring for precise temperature
  • Auto-off function and display backlight

Cake Edge Decorating Set

  • 10 piece set; edging, smoothing and scraping
  • Ideal for beginners and professional bakers
  • Food grade plastic designed for easy clean and ease of use

Cake Decorating Turntable

  • Revolving cake stand and transfer shovel
  • 28cm/11 inch turntable
  • Made from food grade plastic with easy clean

Domed Cake Stand & Cover

  • Ideal way to display and protect your cakes
  • Durable and lightweight yet strong enough to protect
  • Washable in warm soapy water

Foldaway Multi-Size Cake Tin

  • Adjustable cake tin 30cm x 10cm deep
  • Fully adjustable down to the inch
  • Ideal for making small cakes and large wedding cakes

5 Tier Cake Tin

  • Perfect for wedding and birthday cakes
  • Non- stick and made from aluminium
  • Loose bases
Paul Bradford

Essential Baking Accessory Recommended By:

Paul Bradford has always had a passion for cake decorating.  He worked at the long established Oliphant’s bakery in Linlithgow. Initially starting as a baker, Paul soon carved out a niche for himself in cake decorating. In 2002 he started his own cake decorating business and grew it to 7 outlets and 35 staff. His favourite kitchen essential is his rolling pin, “Not very exciting, but you can’t get far without one!”.

Marble Rolling Pin

  • Natural stone marble cool enough for pastry doughs
  • Sturdy wooden handles for ease of use
  • Comes with a wooden stand for storage

Sugar Craft Rolling Pin

  • Extra wide 30cm x 4cm
  • Non stick and easy clean
  • Perfect for pastry doughs and fondant icing

This is such a useful kitchen accessory. I have had a 3 tier steamer pot like this for over 20 years and it is always on the go. You can add and take away pots to suit your cooking day and the stock pot base is just so useful. Induction hob safe as well, which just adds to all its benefits.

Best Food Steamer Pan Set

  • 3 tier induction safe stainless steel
  • Riveted handles for extra strength
  • Stock pot style base for flexibility

Best Casserole Cast Iron Pot

  • Holds approximately 12 litres - great for family cooking
  • Suitable for all hob types, in the oven or under the grill
  • Lifetime guarantee

Best Slow Cooker

  • Removable ceramic pot dishwasher safe
  • Large 4.5l capacity
  • 3 cooking settings; low, medium, high

Food Storage Boxes

  • 1 compartment meal prep container
  • Make your weeks meals and freeze them
  • Thick, strong and flexible

Best Gifts For Bakers

Buying gifts for anyone interested in baking can be an extremely thoughtful idea if you get it right! So look for something that is quirky but also useful. Here are a couple of examples of gifts for men and women that have baking and cooking as their hobbies.

BBQ Smoker Box

  • For all kinds of BBQ, simply place in and close the lid
  • Adds fantastic smokey flavours to your food
  • Perfect size to contain smoker chips and herbs

Stuffed Burger Press

  • Create consistent delicious burgers every time
  • Load with meat and flavourings then simply press to create
  • Perfect for grilling, BBQ’s, frying.

Copper Cocktail Mugs

  • 100% uniquely hand crafted copper mugs
  • Includes copper straws, jigger and bar spoon
  • Perfect for Moscow Mules and other cocktails

Novelty Apron for Bakers

  • White apron with sub-laminated print
  • Novelty gift for bakers
  • Polycotton material

Pizza Paddle & Cutter

  • Everything to make and serve professional style pizzas
  • Non-stick, stain free and easy to clean
  • Folding paddle and pizza wheel cutter

Kitchen Accessories For Your "Want List"!

Below is a small collection of kitchen accessories that I really would like to add to my arsenal of baking accessories. Some might call them unnecessary but I think my life would be better if they were dotted around my kitchen – if only to make me look good! 

De'Longhi Coffee Machine

  • Stylish bean-to-cup espresso/cappuccino maker
  • Uses fresh beans or ground coffee
  • Cup warmer, 2 year guarantee, 1 touch operation

Professional Chef Knife

  • Air-blade design, 67 layer high carbon stainless steel blade
  • Ultra deep to prevent knuckle knocking
  • Razor sharp blade and ergonomic design handle

Professional ice Cream Maker

  • Ice cream, frozen yoghurt and gelato all in one machine
  • 1.5 Litres of ice cream in just 40 minutes
  • Compressor system so no waiting between batches or pre-freezing

Whipped Cream Dispenser

  • Commercial grade, stainless steel
  • 3 styles of decorating tips for whipped cream art
  • Multi-use for decorating cakes, trifles, coffee, cocktails etc

Over To You...

So, here’s our selection of kitchen tools and gadgets that would keep many bakers happy.

What would you like to add to the selection?

What’s your favourite baking accessory?

Let us know by leaving your comment below…

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