The Trouble With Huffington Post’s “Best Dessert Recipes of All Time” Article

I found this great article of The Huffington Post website called the 35 best desserts ever. Here are a couple of the best dessert recipes I agree with that I thought you would like to know about and possible have a go at baking.

In my opinion though, there are faults with this list.

I’ll share those in a moment.

Firstly though, there are some fantastic recipes here that are really worth trying.

Home bakers impress me so much with their talents.

Here’s one that looks amazing; the salted caramel chocolate tart recipe as featured on La Receta de la Felicidad blog post is a must try. You will have to make the caramel but it is all part of the learning experience.

It looks like a fantastically sweet dessert although certainly not very good for your diet. But hey, in small doses a little of what you like is good for you – right?

I think I will definitely be trying this bake soon.

Also, butterscotch cashew bars from the Bake or Break blog, looks amazing. It originally came from Sweet Melissa Patisserie In Brooklyn who then published it in their own baking book [amazon_textlink asin=’0670018740′ text=’Sweet Melissa Baking Book’ template=’ProductLink’ store=’simplebakesan-21′ marketplace=’UK’ link_id=’f7a2c40d-0d89-11e8-9d99-876af0e8591d’]. It is a tray bake which means the slices can be as big as you like – only because you are in charge of cutting them up, so make it worthwhile!

I think this will also be made in the next few weeks.

How to Scale Up The Recipes

If you want to make any of these recipes you may have to either spend more money buying the right size baking tin or simply use my recipe converter to help you resize the required ingredients for your equipment.

It is an easy process and one you’ll repeat over and over.

But here’s something I definitely do not agree with…

Apart from a no bake sweet potato cheesecake there was not one single baked cheesecake recipe listed in the top 35 best desserts.

Can you believe that?

Not one.

I think a great cheesecake recipe should’ve been mentioned. Don’t you?

The Cheesecake Factory has a fantastic assortment of cheesecakes and are a very popular eating out experience for Americans and tourists. So, even if the editor didn’t like cheesecakes as one of their “best desserts ever”, they should’ve listened more to the people on the street.Lemon cheesecake recipe not in the best desserts ever list

From personal experience when I visited Boston, that was one of the first eateries I tried out and loved it. The atmosphere was amazing as were the various assortment of fabulous cheesecakes.

Definitely worth a visit.

Plus there’s no lemon meringue pie or simple rice pudding – what’s going on!

Also, for some reason their top 35 list actually went down to 50. Maybe they lost count half way through, buzzing from all the sugar intake probably.

Then all of a sudden, right there at number 47 was the first mention of a baked cheesecake.

Happy days!

Cheesecake Has To Be In The Top 10 Best Desserts Ever!

How can this happen? Not that a list of 35 magically becomes 50 but a cheesecake is not in the top 10 best desserts at least. Most of us have tried cheesecake in the past, whether in a restaurant or at home, and thought “yep, that was pretty good” or if you were eating at my house – “Wow! That was amazing”!! And it would’ve made the top 10 easily.

Of course I am biased, but I can be as this is my website.

Mind you, you still cannot beat a great moist brownie recipe to match all those listed above. Simply served with pouring cream, it has to be one of the best desserts you’ll ever taste.

If you would like to read the full article on The Huffpost website click here.

What’s your favourite dessert? Comment below and let me know.