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chocolate cake recipe with fondant icing

Chocolate Cake Recipe

World’s Easiest Rich Chocolate Cake Recipe (So Easy Yet So Tasty!) This has been titled the World’s best chocolate cake recipe when it featured in a newspaper article about the chef Helen Goh. Everything can be whisked in one bowl and baked to produce a wonderfully rich yet not too […]

image of chocolate fondant recipe

Chocolate Fondant Dessert

Gooey Hot Chocolate Fondant Dessert Recipe (Easy as 1,2,3)! When you cut into this hot chocolate fondant it will just ooze warm chocolate! It is so easy to bake yet surprisingly impressive. Also, they can be frozen until needed, making it the perfect dinner party dessert. Just 3 Stages To […]

chocolate macarons

How To Make Macarons

How to Make Macarons Perfectly Everytime: (6 Recipes & Video) I learned a valuable lesson when I first attempted to bake macarons. They were either flat and useless or big and cracked! Why? Well, that’s what you’re going to discover here. You’ll also learn how to add colour and different […]

Victoria sponge cake

Butter Icing Recipe

How to Make Butter Icing to use as a Cake Filling Butter icing is the perfect accompaniment for your Victoria sponge cake recipe. Spreading one half of the sponge with raspberry jam and the other with butter icing will make your cake taste even more sweet and delicious. Baking Tips Now […]