Simple Cake Recipes & Desserts To Get You Excited About Baking!

  • cupcakes recipe

Vanilla Cupcakes

Silky Smooth Buttercream Topped Vanilla Cupcakes The secret to these perfectly simple vanilla cupcakes is spending time on the making of the buttercream. When you [...]

  • Steamed jam sponge pudding

Steamed Jam Sponge

Steamed Jam Sponge Pudding Wow! Jam sponge with custard. This is a classic pudding that make you feel homely and warm and, well, just happy!! [...]

  • wholemeal bread loaf

Wholemeal Bread

How to Make a Multi-Seeded Wholemeal Bread Loaf Should you require a more dense loaf add more wholemeal flour than white flour. Be careful though [...]

  • basic biscuit recipe

Basic Biscuit Recipe

How To Make Basic Biscuits That Taste Great This basic biscuit recipe is very simple to bake and tastes like shortbread. You can decorate them [...]

  • crunchy shortbread recipe

Crunchy Shortbread Bites

These Little Shortbread Biscuits Come With a Delicate Crunch I love making these simple shortbread biscuits tray bake because the ingredients are simple to mix [...]

  • how to bake a ginger cake

Moist Ginger Cake

Delicious Ginger Cake Topped With a Ginger Icing Watch the video and learn how to bake a ginger cake that is so moist and soft [...]

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Learn to Bake With These Simple Cake Recipes

My mission here is to help you bake simple cakes and mouth watering desserts for everyday use. These are easy bake recipes for beginners and the more experienced baker and are not just for special occasions, but because you feel like having your cake and eating it! As far as I am concerned every day should be coffee and cake day! Why not? Oh, and sharing is also a good option!